E-commerce has become a worldwide business trend nowadays and become largest channel coverage in the world very soon. To catch up with this trend, we launch our E-commerce logistics service and seek to be a bridge of for Vietnamese enterprises, Exporters, Freelancer on this business to moving goods from Vietnam to abroad.

Our E-commerce logistics service also offers support to customers throughout the supply chain from sourcing through international transport management and operation services, to delivery of goods to the end customer as organizations or individuals. We provide our customers with organization and the tools to provide optimal management of the flow of B2B and B2C. With our solutions, the e-commerce management becomes simplified, and so the operation system is thereby reducing your costs.

Our service included:

B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) services based on client needs. Receiving goods from various suppliers, checking goods conditions, controlling and preserving products.

FBA: We offer fulfillment warehousing services for E-commerce business models, such as fulfillment by Amazon to USA, UK and CANADA via ours variety of services: courier service, air & sea freight cargo services….

IMPORT SERVICE: Air/Ocean import and customs clearance for E-commerce shipments. Ensure products in line with custom and excise regulations and conducting customs procedures based on the goods volume that is suitable for your needs.

Contracted warehouses service which is security protected 24/7, safe, clean and good enough to for us to do some make a consolidation area, labeling, segregation, and delivery to warehouses. Customized packing according to your technical specifications, respecting the image conveyed by your trademark and as well as Cargo storage